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Live Streaming Possibilities
  • Live stream business meetings to multiple office locations. Reduce travel costs and increase productivity.
  • Live stream executive or management presentations simultaneously to an entire organization. Improve communication flow for employees and build trust.
  • Live stream special announcements or product releases around the world. Gain excitement and anticipation from current and/or potential customers.
  • Live stream pay-per-view events such as concerts or sports. Expand interest and revenue beyond geographic location of event.
  • Live stream local, state, and national government functions to constituents. Inform citizens of important considerations and decisions.

What we do
  • At MERGE LIVE we can broadcast/stream your event across the street or across the world.

  • We use the latest streaming technologies to bring your event to most every type of internet connected display.

  • We have established partnerships with the industry's premier content delivery networks including: USTREAM, Livestream, and Google (plus).

  • We use multiple cameras to capture various perspectives of the event.

  • Our streaming equipment can blend camera and external computer information (e.g. PowerPoint slides, documents, etc..).

  • We are specialists in the complex understanding of internet streaming and are well versed in the technical areas of data compression, video codecs, frame rates, etc..

  • Additionally, we configure our video streaming to be compatible with popular devices including: Apple-Mac and iPhone, Windows and Windows Mobile, and Android.

Please let our friendly professional team answer any questions you may have.

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