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Training Videos
  • Train employees more efficiently by using a professional training video. Studies show retention of information is significantly higher when using video images.

  • Video training improves employee satisfaction as employees more clearly understand responsibilities and expectations.

  • Video training improves quality and consistency of your product/service. Visual comparisons can be made describing the differences between acceptable and unacceptable results.

  • Video training can be repeated as often as necessary until employee understands concept. Each person is able learn incrementally at their own comprehension level. This significantly improves training effectiveness and success.

Instructional Videos
  • Instructional videos provide a clear 3 dimensional representation of required steps and visual references.

  • Customers will appreciate the added benefits over one dimensional print instructions.

  • Complex concepts can be divided into simple easy to understand video segments, even slow motion if necessary.

  • Reduce the number of dissatisfied customers from incorrect assembly resulting in defective products. Also reduce the number of customer returns.

Automotive Industry Specific

Most professional videos will cover aspects mentioned above. Additionally, we can focus in the following areas:

  • Assembly

  • Safety

  • Process - operator instructions

  • Statistical process control

  • Computer and automated systems

  • Part identification

  • Go no-go product criteria

  • Skilled trades training

  • Dealership sales training (new vehicle launches, vehicle attributes, driver systems, navigation Bluetooth etc.)

  • Dealership technician training (new systems, proper techniques, campaign or service bulletin updates).

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